An integrated program formulated specifically for students. A great Opportunity to be part of the best industry oriented preparation program along with your dream academic project completion. Complete your academic project with PopArt and be ready for the industry.

What PopArt is Looking For

PopArt Media & Technologies is on a hiring spree. Identifying the cream layer from reputed institutions will help the company to ease the recruiting process by doing an early assessment of candidates. At the same time, potential hires will get a tremendous opportunity to get familiarized with the industry work culture and professional ambience.

What Students Can Expect

  • The best mentorship program towards the industry expectation.
  • Assistance on finalizing the project topic, participate and review the brainstorming sessions.
  • Relevant training on implementation life cycle.
  • Support to create the best implementation architecture.
  • Rapid training on Industry accepted best practices.
  • Quick introduction on QC process (Unit and integrated test case preparation and execution).
  • Stringent code review process to make sure the quality of the project.
  • Help on project documentation and presentation.
  • Additional free training on Technology firm's expectation and interview preparation.